Custom face mask

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Easy Ways to Design a Face Mask Today Decoded

You must be hearing that shops are running out of face masks? Yes, this had to happen. People are on a buying spree, due to the panic. Until now, no one used to buy these masks as they were deemed not so important. However, as soon as the virus struck, people have gone on a buying spree. So, you may or may not get a custom face mask today.

Design a Face Mask

Designing a mask today is easy, with the innumerable videos that are available on the internet. Now, homemade masks have also become important. Protecting yourself and your body is the call of the hour today. So, do it in the best way possible. In cases, where you are not able to source the masks, you can make them on your own.

Recently, the WHO and the government have issued directives, stating that wearing masks is mandatory. So, even if you are not able to source one, make it.

  • So, you can make these custom face masks very easily.
  • So, the best fabric you can use to prepare the mask is jersey material or tightly woven cotton. You can use bandanas as well, sourced from curtains, woven shirts and pillowcases. There is so much that you can do today.
  • You can also use your brains and come up with creative ideas. Use a coffee filter inside, to help block the particles. You can also utilize a metal piece to help it to fit securely. Polyester shop towels have been found to be better at filtering particles. So, you can use them as well.

Nowadays, photo face masks are also doing quite well in the market. You can get a photo of yours printed on the mask and wear it. This way. People will be able to identify you. It is imperative, that you use your photo on the mask.

Now, these have become very important. You can make the masks and distribute amongst your family members. So, you can make them, in the best manner possible and then use these when you go out on the roads today.